Stng Meets Orwell? Scientists Now "See" Your Dreams

The secret world of dreams has been unlocked with the invention of technology capable of illustrating images taken directly from human brains during sleep.

As if advances in home computing alone have not been boggling enough for old guys like me some crazy, brilliant SOB's in a Japanese lab have come up with a new invention straight off the pages of Star Trek's Next Generation...

Or a dystopian Sci-Fi novel.

A team of Japanese scientists have created a device that enables the processing and imaging of thoughts and dreams as experienced in the brain to appear on a computer screen.

While researchers have so far only created technology that can reproduce simple images from the brain, the discovery paves the way for the ability to unlock people's dreams and other brain processes.

Frankly, I can see how my government (among others) would see this as a great opportunity to re-allot money from water boards to circuit boards if they thought they could easily and literally see into another's head.

Right now the technology is not in an advanced state. According to a statement from a spokesman at ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories this

was the first time in the world that it was possible to visualise what people see directly from the brain activity.

"By applying this technology, it may become possible to record and replay subjective images that people perceive like dreams." The scientists, lead by chief researcher Yukiyaso Kamitani, focused on the image recognition procedures in the retina of the human eye.

This means that currently the technology promises no boon to humanity nor threat to civil rights. Still, when the 8086 PCs of 1985 who thought the powerful quad core units of today a scant 20 plus years way?

So we might well see that people taking an unwelcome peak into your head might be less than a generation away.

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