Dial V for Vapid - McConaughey's Dad Died Having Sex, Says Mom

Tonight at midnight it is conceivable that any one of us could sneak out to a neighbor's house and pee on their lawn gnomes... But just because we could doesn't mean we should. The same advise could be given concerning the writing of tell-all biographies -

In her new book, I Amaze Myself! (iamazemyself.com), Kay McConaughey dishes on everything from her son Matthew’s conception to how her husband died in a compromising position with her!

Honestly, I haven't read the book and nothing in the accompanying Us piece really recommends it. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't skeedaddle over to the magazine piece to read at least one of Ms. McConaughey's annecdotes - I recommend the one where she has her freshly-dead-from-having-sex husband taken away while still naked -

“I was just so proud to show off my big old Jim McConaughey — and his gift,” she says.

No... can't say I'll be tracking down any author's reading for this one.

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Kenosha Police Run down gunman with car...

Kenosha, Wisconsin is not a "crime free zone," not by a longshot. But some of the things police have done there ought to make criminals think about driving up to Racine or down to Waukegan to conduct their wacky hijinks. As evidence, please examine the opening line of today's "on top of the fold" story -

Kenosha Police intentionally ran down a man with a squad car after seeing him shoot a handgun into a crowd of people and toward police.

Apparently Kenosha's finest are willing to go that extra mile - or at least in this case drive that extra 10 meters - to help diffuse an urgent situation.

The officers had been on their way to investigate a stabbing at 4:26 a.m. near the area of 62nd Street and 20th Avenue when they were told that a man "with a bloody shirt" was outside nearby firing a gun.

As officers headed to the area in their squad car northbound on 20th Avenue, they saw a man run toward the street firing a gun toward a van traveling in front of the squad car. He was firing the gun toward a group of about 20 people who were congregated nearby.

As the marked squad car approached, the man shot at the squad car, hitting the hood of the vehicle.

"They saw the subject actively shooting the gun, and they took it upon themselves to strike the subject with their squad car," said Kenosha Police Sgt. Hugh Rafferty.

Oddly but happily, no bystanders were hit by bullets - stray or aimed. The suspect even failed to hit the van - that's right, a van - he was shooting at. Only two people were injured in this incident - one of the officers in the car hurt a leg in the collision and the suspect, who had to be pulled from a pile of debris.

For the record, a stolen Glauck 9mm handgun was found nearby. Police suspect this incident was gang related.

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