Workers of the world unite...

to settle in and enjoy this most truthful video.



The answer is apples...

My ass hurts. Big time hurts. Having a hemorrhoid and sitting on a buckleburr hurts. And the reason is people - the keep complicating my photography.

The wedding I did recently is the first one I've received complaints on. The first of the 7 or so. I won't repeat the complaints here, but must plead guilty. Everything the bride is unhappy with I am guilty of - I did not comply with instructions. I got too wrapped up in running around taking pictures and did not consult the shot list to make sure all the required shots were done.

So I will be spending another couple of weeks sorting through this and helping her get the best we can out of what was taken. On top of it she will be receiving a hefty refund. And while it hurts (my pride and the extra work, not the refund) it is only fair and I do want her to be as happy as possible.

On top of this I am looking at a series of nudes that have to be shown next month, and only one series of pictures have been shot for the show. And it doesn't look like anymore will be shot soon. I'm not having any luck at all lining up models. People make appointments then space out, I make appointments and then space out. I quit.

This simply isn't working.

Hence, I will be contacting my fellow artist later today to let him know I am out. I simply can't be ready in time.

Anyhow, here's my answer to the photo problems - apples. I will now shoot nothing but pictures of apples. They're affordable, available and most of all are less complicated than people.

Working with people sucks. Working with apples is nutritious.

I will only work with apples.


Yet another imbedded video...

Found this by accident while checking you tube and editing wedding photos. It's no "Death Star" by Arab League, but it is worth a listen.

Enjoy -


My co-workers don't know what's worse...

The fact that I actually tell my customers "The concept that the customer is always right is a lie told to consumers to make them weak, stupid, compliant buyers who shell out cash for any piece of worthless crap imported from China" or the fact that I actually believe it.

It could be that I've watched Fight Club too often, but actually I suspect I have something here...

That's "Mr. Customer Service," Asshole...

This past week was horrible - everyone who came through the diner was an asshole. Rude, self-centered, unreasonable... we had'em all. but at least there was one bright moment worth remembering.

We have this semi-regular customer that we have a bit of a hard time with. She's this crazy old lady (80 y.o. +/-) who can be very nice, but a lot of the time is just so damned impatient when she orta know better. This past Tues. she showed up half an hour before close. We'd had an awful time with the customer base and anticipated she would be the cherry on top of the shit sundae that Karma was serving us.

Oddly though she was quiet, polite and patient.

As she was hobbling out the front door after everyone else had left she started talking to me about our customer base. "Do you get any Geeks in here?" she asked.

"Yeah, some," I replied, "but their nice and usually tip well."

"Do you get any students?"

"Here and there."

With that she stopped to maneuver her walker out the door. Over her shoulder she smiled and asked "Do you get any crazy old ladies?"

I looked up from my sanitizing and smiled - "Just one that I know of."

She tossed out her last two words as the door closed behind her - "You dick."



Haven't has much to say lately so what'cher gettin is a load of viddies and drawings from across the web. Enjoy.

Shades of Ian Fleming...

Shades of "The General's Daughter." Enjoy this clip -

Initially the Pentagon reported that part of a finance unit deployed to Afghanistan in November 2006, had been killed in action, but then revised its statement to read she had died of injuries "suffered from a non-combat related incident" at Bagram Airfield. The statement had no specifics and said the circumstances are under investigation.

[skips a few paragraphs]

Canavan told the Quincy, Mass. Patriot Ledger on Wednesday that when her sister was home three weeks ago, she told her about something she had come across that raised some concern with her: "She was in the finance unit and she said, 'I discovered some things I don’t like and I made some enemies because of it.'"

Canavan revealed that Durkin said if anything happened to her, to make sure it was investigated.

"At the time we thought it was said more as a joke," Canavan told the paper.

This will prove interesting in the end as we discover that someone somewhere in the military was laundering anti-terrorism money and sending to a Swiss account.

My condolences to the soldier's family.


This was described as...

annoying, but cute... or some such thing.

Looking at this from the other side (finally) at age 50 I tend to agree with the sentiments of the mother who sang it. Enjoy -


Oh shit!

I forgot to show you this one!

I trust you've seen this one on the web today...

If not, here you go/if so enjoy again!