Closeted Gay Republicans...

First Brokeback Mountain, now Brokeback Hilltop.

I hate friggin' sequels.

Indy Documetary....

I am a nerd... but not the type that makes money (that would be a geek). No, I am the type of nerd who likes documentaries. And here's a clip from one that I am looking forward to checking out once it hits DVD.

Here's a link or two about "The Shock Doctrine."

Enjoy... or something

And how bout a fresh hot cup of fuck you with that???

After making the last post I opted to go looking for other examples of Blackwater employee relations. What I found was the following, an ABC evening news interview and video from a Blackwater truck driver who filmed an ambush of his convoy, the ambush widely reported on the news a few years back -

For me three things stick out in the video -
that the Virginia National Guard Unit abandoned the trucks when they were hit;
that the surviving truck driver was fired by the Blackwater subsidiary for having been injured in Iraq;
that real violence seems so *yawn* after all the video games and Bruce Willis movies I've gone through.

My guess is it's not so yawn when you are in the middle of it.

You know what pisses me off...

shit like the following -

The report comes as Blackwater -- the State Department's prime security force -- faces new scrutiny for its role this month in the killing of at least 11 Iraqis. Citing e-mails, fresh interviews and previously undisclosed incident reports, the report by the majority staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform provides details about how cost considerations appeared to shape Blackwater's decisions that led to the brutal deaths of its employees at the hands of insurgents on March 31, 2004.

It took this long for these morons to figure this shit out? I saw this crap in one of those lefty movies in a university hall six months back. I guess cutting back on costs by sending your employees into a war zone equipped with "soft skin cars" instead of the needed armor isn't news when someone dies but only when the congress decides to get around to calling it atrocious.

Well, on the bright side, at least the brass at Blackwater saved enough money so their worthless kids (the ones who have never gone to Iraq) could get some jet skis and a holiday weekend to use them on.

And isn't that what really matters?


I love cruising other people's blogs...

You can rip off neat stuff like this -

A tip of the hat to Jesus' General, a manly man and blog well worth noting.

Haven't thought about this one in a while...

And I am willing to bet you haven't either.

Enjoy. Or not.


And about that Jena 6 March...

This morning I settled into my first cup of coffee when my wife started telling about our local AM radio dj's take on the Jena 6. Cranky as usual, I started ranting about her take on it, accusing her of being not just misinformed, but mal-informed.

So in the interest of maintaining my righteous superiority or information I went in search of a Jena 6 timeline. What I found was rather interesting - at least to a wonk like me.

Enjoy this Jena Six timeline as published by Jena's local paper.

While a long read if you would really like to know how everything came down read it. It's amusing to see how the left and the right wing media cherry-picked what they would tell - not that the locals didn't give them lots of lunacy to work with.

Ultimately, the timeline did change my thoughts about this media debacle.


The DC protest pictures are up...

Just a note to let any interested parties know that the DC protest pictures have been posted. You can get to them by simply clicking here.

There are 35 photos there and I made sure to load them in a low-resolution format so no one would have problems seeing them on their computer. If you have any further questions about the pictures, the rally or would simply like to express your opinions concerning the situation please feel free to drop a comment.

As always, while visiting this site I'd appreciate if you'd click on one of the ads along the sidebar. The crazy folks at Google actually do pay per click and each click helps me keep the lights on.

Thanks and enjoy!

About those DC protest pictures...

Well, the ride to DC went the way that so many little adventures do - you spend 28 hours developing leather-butt on a bus just for the privilege of 5 hours of taking photos.

The protest was smaller than I'd anticipated, but it was still a good time with some decent photos coming out of it. I had them posted, but due to some technical difficulties had to yank the pictures just a few minutes ago. Pity, really. I'd received five or six good comments on them, which is remarkable considering I sent out no notice of the photos and all comments were from people who did not know me.

Anyhow, the photos will be back up on line tonight and I will send out a general note to everyone on my mailing list to let them know.

I love when things work...


See you in DC

For the first time in five years I'll be going to DC for a protest. That's the march on the 15th that the new sidebar talks about.

I love going to DC for marches, having done three (or was it four??) while in college. There's something invigorating about marching alongside between 100,000 and 750,000 people, even if you're merely taking their pictures for a paper.

For this event I'll be getting a press pass from a newspaper I was an assistant editor at in the early 90's. This should get me backstage for some of the media only stuff. With any luck I'll be able to get on stage and get some crowd shots from behind the speaker. That angle really helps communicate to the audience how large the crowd is.

Rumor from friends is that this event promises some level of police or government violence -crowd tear gassing, baton beating, mass arrests, all that fun stuff. Friends are already sending information about how to "decontaminate" oneself after tear gas as well as promising the use of a respirator.


You may be finished with the past...

but that does not mean the past if finished with you.

Am at the studio today handling customers while Larry is away. Three people were scheduled to pick up photos today. One of them was a woman with a strange last name, but one which I remember from an old friend back in high school (circa 1974).

When I asked if she was related to my old H.S. friend she replied "Yes... he was my late husband." She then pulled his old h.s. picture from her wallet. "Look familiar?" she asked.

Yep, it was him.

We chatted for a bit about him. I couldn't really get sad as all my old memories of him were good. He was into kung fu and meditation and shared what he knew freely. He had a subtle and dry sense of humor. He died of a rare, slow-moving form of pancreatic cancer.

She had come to pick up her son's senior pictures. She invited me to look at one of them with her. "Does he look like Jon?" she asked. "See," she said with a smile, pointing to her son's forehead. "Same uni-brow."

Apparently Jon's sense of humor lives on.


And then, something clicked...

Not sure how this happened, but all of a sudden my weekend suddenly filled with photo-events. I'll be working on things Fri, Sat. and Sun. Hell, I'll even be making some money at it. Might even pay a bill.

I think I like it.


Stupid computer user who?...

That would be the setup line right before the punchline of the joke about my recent computer problems. All I need is a good punchline and I'm set.

The problem was solved not by a third or forth virus/malware scan and disinfection, but by my wife, littleone, going through the add/remove program section of windows with me. Her simple comment ("What about erasing that program?") accompanied by a simple point of the finger was enough to end three days worth of intense frustration. Thanks baby!

Oh well, on to the next thing.


One last try for disinfecting my machine...

I gave up running the antivirus program earlier today after it hit 538,000+ files checked. The pop ups were still coming and that bogged the machine down. So I killed it, put it in safe mode and started the test again. This evening while it checks out I'll be taking down the names of all the programs I want to run on it and downloading all the free ones onto a flash drive. Then, if the machine is still infected after this last go round I'll simply recover the whole thing instead of trying to restore it (that had yet to work).

If this last step fails it may be time to go to to Linux. I have never tried it before, but am now busy downloading it just in case.

In the mean time I am down loading pictures from the Squirrels gig to my laptop. Will edit them while watching tube till littleone gets back from the hafla.

520,938 files later...

and my computer is still infected wit that idiot virus. And lord only knows how many more files it had to go through - avast counts the files, but not the percentage of progress.

I grew tired of waiting for the virus scan to do its thing so I opted to do a system restore and see what happened. With any luck things will be hunky dory by the time I have to start editing photos tomorrow.

Hrmmm.. restore just kicked out my first restore request and told me to select a different date. Am trying again.

Note to self -
  1. Go to open source system. First, see about getting a free copy of Linux and going that route. Should be able to mount all the open source stuff on that.
  2. next time buy a Mac.