But on the bright side...

I worked at the old diner two sundays ago. It was the busiest day I'd ever worked there, though that isn't a surprise. They have been getting all sorts of local and national exposure (a recent section of a food network show featured them) so it only figures.

Upon quitting 13 months ago I was sick to death of the place. It was definitely well past break time. But having worked there the one Sunday I really enjoyed it. The "hub-bub" was refreshing - as was the 7 hour workday and 15 minute commute home (the current numbers are 11.5 and 45).

One of the waiters now is a guy named Dean who both is an artist and sponsors some art shows. He actually made my weekend by saying he was sponsoring another show in June and offering to put some of my pieces in there. I was thrilled.

For subject matter, I opted to go with what I know. Hence, I am trying to get together 5 pictures from the local landfill to make a junk art section for his show.

The framing and matting I use will be in line with the subject matter. It will all be recycled from the last show I had some 3 years ago.

Wish me luck.

murder, mayhem, corporate intrigue...

or at least corporate intrigue.

It's been a pretty busy week here near the seats of corporate power. Recently I've felt less like a junkman employed by group of maniacs and more like an extra from a bad remake of Dangerous Liaisons (or maybe a sidebar in one of my favorite books).

In the last week the company decided to tell us they were going to sell all the corporate locations, except maybe our office (this notice was left on our regional supervisor's desk in the form of a memo. He found it right after getting back from Australia).Five hours after warning all our employees that they might have to look for other jobs or reapply for their current ones we received another message letting us know the first message was tippy-top secret and not to be told to anyone. Oops. Our bad.

A day after that we found out the corporation's C.O.O., "the Hammer" (a man often lovingly viewed as the corporate enforcer), had been let go of. Then came the four emails letting us know there would be 1) a company conference call farewell to Mr. Hammer hosted by the C.E.O.; 2) the cancellation of said call; 3) announcement of a call saying there would be a company conference call farewell hosted by the Hammer himself; and 4) a cancellation of that call.

Finally, a notice was sent downhill letting us know that the information about the impending sale was incorrect. All corporate locations were secure and would not be sold to potential franchise partners.

Unfortunately, I had alerted my old boss, the man who hired me into this madhouse, that he might be able to realize his dream of owning this territory. Unfortunately, less than 24 hours after doing that we did a job at his boss's house. That boss pulled me aside to say that he had talked to my old boss and I needed to have it reaffirmed that this franchise was not going up on the block.

For my part, I've taken the liberty of printing out the corporate organizational chart and taping it on the supply cabinet. There's a big red pen on my desk just waiting to mark X's over certain blocks as is necessary. I'd considered just whiting out names and rewriting the new ones in, but that smacks of Winston's job at the Ministry of Truth and I'll have none of it.



Sick today. Slightly nausous, tired as hell and fatigued. Need sleep. My guess is the onset of the flu has arrive. May be tie to sit on the couch here in the office and prepare to ralph.



I heard the news today oh boy...

Well, this blog has not been to the point recently with news from the world of junk (that's not to mention how infrequently updated it's been). So here we go with something at least bit topical.

Word came through the pipes today that the company is planning to close all of it's corporate locations. Apparently our location may be spared - seems it's the best performing of the money-losers - of all 5 or six offices we are hemorrhaging the least cash. Plans are to sell the company offices to local franchisers or other interested parties. The way I see it, the company will be able to keep making cash off the franchisees without having to absorb any normal losses. Oh wait, that's not how I see it. That's how it is. How I see it is that that sucks.

Anyhow, there is a short list of people the territory will be offered to and the word is that I am on that list. Frankly, I do want to see the numbers just to see how it might go. Chances are though that I'll say no in the end.

My guess is that the new owner will offer jobs to existing employees. When I told one of the new employees what was up he asked if I would be keeping my job. That's an interesting question. My response was that I would see what the new owners offered me. It is always best to see what the offer is, what is being held up to one.

The general announcement to the company should be out in the next week. I have no idea how this will play out. Likely it will result in some sort of potential buyer capitalist feeding frenzy and it should be most amusing to watch. The worst part will be having to pay off all the bills I have built up since getting this position.

And then there is always the consideration of finding a new job should that become necessary. Chances are that even if they offer me a job it will be lower paying as they will want to stop the cash exodus as soon as possible.


Interesting Interview...

If you're a lefty and you're not familiar with Democracy Now and Amy Goodman then it may be time for you to get acquainted.

And if you like Studs Terkel you have even more reason to know her because today is Stud's 95th birthday and Amy interviews him for today's show. Sign up for her podcast quick time fast and in a hurry to get it. (But if you move too slowly don't worry. Just email me and I'll burn you a copy of the show. Hey, I ain't bein' illegal... I'm helping spread democracy by any means necessary.)

Random Goodman Quote -

But for the media to name their coverage [of the 2003 invasion of Iraq] the same as what the Pentagon calls it — everyday seeing 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' — you have to ask: 'If this were state [controlled] media, how would it be any different?'[10]

Interesting Interview...

If you're a lefty and you're not familiar with Democracy Now and Amy Goodman then it may be time for you to get acquainted.

And if you like Studs Terkel you have even more reason to know her because today is Stud's 95th birthday and Amy interviews him for today's show. Sign up for her podcast quick time fast and in a hurry to get it. (But if you move too slowly don't worry. Just email me and I'll burn you a copy of the show.)

What can you say about a story like this?

It seems like the members of this administration are running at a full sprint in an obscene race to lower the bar. Perhaps they think if they keep doing shit like this that we'll just keep expecting less and less. I think they're right...


Too bad, so sad...

Am I a heartless bastard for not giving a rat's ass about this? Probably. But like some of you I definitely have my reasons.

Bye Bye Jerr Bear... you shall not be missed.


Stellar photograph

Found this while looking through Google news today. Looks pretty groovy and makes me want to live into the next milenia just so I can see all this and more first hand.

To see the whole story just go here...



a petition that addresses one life's biggest injustices, one I can throw my sizeable weight behind.

Hey, I like it...

Kudos to the anti-material folks over at Adbusters!


I haven't had a chance to really look at this...

but I'll pass it on hoping it is worthwhile.

It's a site/newsletter aimed at "greening up" computing. Frankly, since going to the Green Fest at McCormick place on Earth Day I've been a bit jazzed on reading this stuff and passing it on. One of my goals is to run my laptop(s we have three at the house) off solar. I've already checked out bags for doing this (they have built in solar panels or fold out ones)*.

Yes, I know it is a fad, but at least it has nothing to do with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or rehab. And for that I am truly grateful.

*Don't be afraid of the price - there seems to be a range here and I have seen some of these for under $100.


little background on Nobel Laureate shooting...

Had a little time this morning so went looking to verify the shooting of the Nobel Laureate. This story from an Online British Religious and Peace group was all I could find.

If you're further interested, you can read/hear a bit more by checking out this story from Democracy Now.

Mainstream media has it's limits. It puts forward (promotes you could easily say) the news that the most people want, not what they might most need. In this way, news has become a commodity this beginning in the 6o's when TV executive scum decided that news should go from a service that provides information to a venue that peddles cereal, Bo-flexes and Enzyte.

The big problem in this is that many of us are now masters of cultural trivia but don't know shit about the events which may well someday result in disaster in our homeland.

All we know is what we hear, that we are are the good guy defenders of virtu and civilization and that they are hate-mongering sand-niggers just a spoiling for some Texas-style justice.

When the chickens come home to roost I simply do not want to be on, near or downwind of the farm.


And did you catch this in the American Press...

U.S. policy towards the Palestinians is surely not the whole story, but it is surely an important part of the story. If the U.S. cannot, in the short term, compel Israel to accept a political settlement with the Palestinians along the lines of the international consensus - withdrawal to the 1967 borders - can’t we at least get them to stop shooting unarmed demonstrators? Or, if even that is too much to ask, how about no shooting Nobel peace laureates?


Economic determinism on a personal level...

My number one goal today was to tell them to take this job and shove it. But while a feeling of being out of the loop and not a part of things (in an insulted way) prevailed coming up to today a glance at bills and a new toy - model 64 in this case - swayed me into just sucking it up.

To be honest, there is something about getting paid, waiting a week to electronically pay your bills and still being two weeks ahead on the payments that feels good. Thus I shall be staying a while.

As for the photos of June, I've talked to my boss about having at least three Saturdays in June off to take photos. I've already been retained to do photos for one festival, a wedding/reception and two band performances. And that will probably prompt me to buy a new camera as the one I have is very busy taking a shit right now. That alone looks like a $500 upgrade if I am lucky enough to get it that cheaply.

Anyhow, it is time for this corporate monkey to get back to work.



Can't get this thing to format posts the way I like. May be time to write them Front Page and cut and paste them here...

Welcome to L.A.. Now move the fuck along...

Chief vows full inquiry into violence

This here is a damned fine story about Amerikkka's Second City (accompanied by some damned fine photos, both from the L.A. Times). One of my fave quotes is from the police department's IG Office -
Andre Birotte, the LAPD's inspector general, said his office
would focus in part on why officers used foam rounds on reporters and marchers
that videotapes seemed to indicate were not posing a violent threat. According
to the LAPD's manual, "less-than-lethal" devices should used only on "violent or
potentially violent suspects."
Perhaps my second fave moment in the story was this little gem -
In footage shot by Fox News and Telemundo reporters, police officers can be
seen grabbing Fox reporter Christina Gonzalez and forcefully pushing her out of
the way as she crouched to protect her camerawoman, who had fallen after being
struck by a police baton.

"I am helping her move, sir!" Gonzalez said, her voice agitated.The officer is heard saying: "Move her back away from the skirmish line or you're under arrest."

As Gonzalez, whose husband is a retired LAPD officer, struggled to regain her footing, an officer pushed her by the shoulders, spinning her around.

And finally -
Deeper into the park, other reporters were preparing to go live for 6:30 p.m. broadcasts, including Telemundo anchor Pedro Sevcec.

He said he watched a confrontation develop between protesters and police, with about a dozen people whose faces were covered throwing water bottles at officers. Then he heard weapons being fired and saw people running and screaming.But the area where he stood with about 40 others remained calm. He went on the air.

"The next thing I heard was the shotguns, and they were firing in our direction," he said. "Suddenly I started seeing people falling on the ground…. It was completely ridiculous."

Sevcec said a police officer took a camera and threw it about 15 or 20 feet. Then the police started hitting reporters and cameramen with their batons."Police ran us over," he said. "Lights were flying, monitors were on the floor."At one point, a police officer pointed a weapon at his face. Sevcec said he was struck by a baton three times on his neck and back.
All this because the cops were trying to disperse an adjascent group of protestors and their L.A. crimefighting zeal got out of control. How pathetic.


Well, ain' that a bitch...

Had planned to turn in my two week notice this weekend, but a hitch turned up in my plan. An employee at the old diner where I worked turned in her two week notice, which I thought made room for me but the email I receive from the boss just last night said it ain't so. They don't have money in the budget to get someone for four days a week.

Such is life.

But now I have to come up with a plan b. There was a catering gig that I saw advertised which would leave time for the things I want to do. Also, I wrote her back asking her how many days a week they might have open. Up in K-Town it's possible to get a dozen small things to do on a limited basis, but that always leaves me scrambling for the next paycheck. The things I want to do would make me a bit of cash, but would still leave me short in the medium run.

There will be a bit of mulling over going on in the next couple of days...